Wind Power Turbines

Direct sales, leasing, PPAs
Battery and Power storage systems Producing power in low wind speeds

Low Explosives

A new concept developed by Rock Removal Solutions Inc. offers the mining and civil industries an alternative in rock fracturing. 

Our Products

Blasting Mats

Prevent unwanted fly rock and debris with a convenient or portable solution. 

Drill Rigs

- Water Wells
- Mineral Exploration
- Geo-Technical
‚Äč- Multi-Purpose

Pre-Owned Equipment

Save the cost of buying new and get quality pre-owned equipment to fit any job. 

Rock Removal Tooling

All your drill tooling needs in one convenient location.

Demolition Tools
Hydraulic tools for every job

- Breakers
- Compactors
- Crushers
- Shears
      and more. 

Drill Attachments

Excavator and Skid Steer mountable rock drill attachments.