Drill Rigs

- Water Wells
- Mineral Exploration
- Geo-Technical
‚Äč- Multi-Purpose

Low Explosives

A new concept developed by Rock Removal Solutions Inc. offers the mining and civil industries an alternative in rock fracturing. 

Our Products

Blasting Mats

Prevent unwanted fly rock and debris with a convenient or portable solution. 

Rock Removal Tooling

All your drill tooling needs in one convenient location.

Pre-Owned Equipment

Save the cost of buying new and get quality pre-owned equipment to fit any job. 

Drill Attachments

Excavator and Skid Steer mountable rock drill attachments.

Wind Power Turbines

Direct sales, leasing, PPAs
Battery and Power storage systems Producing power in low wind speeds

Demolition Tools
Hydraulic tools for every job

- Breakers
- Compactors
- Crushers
- Shears
      and more.