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Low Explosives


Rock Removal Cartridges developed for rock breaking, trenching, excavation and concrete demolition. Available in a various charge sizes.

Welcome to Rock Removal Supplies Corp.  

We are a full service mining and quarry equipment company able to supply you with all your rock removal needs.  Right from drilling the hole for a low explosive, cutting and splitting the boulders right down to aggregate machines.  We have been in this industry for over 10 years and base our success on being able to assist companies in their buying process and offer them superior equipment at a competitive price.  Our product lines include Low Explosives, Drilling rigs and attachments, Stone Cutting Equipment, Aggregate Machines and MegaDome Buildings.

Our Low Explosives can safely and quickly split oversized boulders and remove any rock or boulders you may find to be a problem.  Our drills and attachments we can save you time and manpower and our attachments fit every size and make of excavator model.  We carry a large variety of tooling to meet your drilling needs.  We have the latest high tech saws, splitters and polishers to keep up with the demand of the natural stone look.  Our high quality machines will give you a competitive advantage in the growing natural stone market.

To complete our line of products we can assist you with MegaDome building to protect your equipment and allow to continue to work regardless of weather conditions.  We are also able to help you with used equipment.  Be it selling your existing equipment or sourcing a piece of equipment for you.  If you require financing we can also assist you.
Our team is ready to help you.  Enjoy our new web site or call us for more information.

CNC Wire Saw 


This heavy duty Wire Saw is designed to cut through all types of stone and rock. This saw is efficient and easy to operate. 

DTH Tooling


High quality hammers, drill bits and pipe. Low pressure capabilities. Multiple shank styles available

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