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When the job is finished, we can help get your equipment moved to a new home.  Send us the pictures and details about the unit(s) and we do all the hard work.

We can re-sell your entire unit as a package, or specific attachments separately. Let us put your money back into your pocket.

We have formed partnerships with specific lenders. There are flexible payment plans for seasonal work situations. We will work hard to get you the approvals you need at a rate you can afford. There are options for new and used equipment.

‚ÄčApplications are available for credit ratings ranging from A - C.

Short term, long term, and rental purchase options are all available.

At RRS Corp Inc.. we cover all of your drilling needs. We provide each customer inquiry our full attention and get quotes to our customers quickly. We provide delivery, brokerage, financing and warranty on each new purchase. We offer a large selection and availability of used equipment, we can take your equipment on consignment. We are able to provide our products to the global market.

We work closely with all of our manufacturers to ensure we can provide you the best prices.

If you do not see what you are looking for, please contact us so we can assist.