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Polishing Machines

Applicable for grinding and polishing natural stones like granite and marble.
The polishing machine uses round column as its guide slip surface for steady automatic ups and downs.
Machine body is made of very strong cast iron and main drive is capable of single speed or dual speeds to fit with step procedures ensuring the final gloss.


This is a disc type line polishing machine with multi heads.​ This fully automatic line polishing machine with computer control for granite slabs with 20 polishers maximum.
It uses the diamond discs for grinding and resin discs for polishing that features low production cost.
The conveyor speed and working pressure are adjustable and it also detects the slab shapes automatically ensuring a perfect polish every time.

The machine is of bridge structure and takes a Fickert /Frankfurt polishing head to work on granite and marble materials.
It is microcomputer control and works automatically by program.
The polishing head travels on the bridge and the table carries the material to go back and forth.
The feed speeds are variable to fit well with the stone material.