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R32 x 150mm x 150mm x 8mm                                                                     Q235,domed 
R32 x 200m x 200mm x 10mm                                                                      Q235,domed 
R38 x 200mm x 200mm x 12mm plate                                                          domed 
R51 x 200mm x 200mm x 30mm                                                                   flat (solid) 
R51 x 250mm x 250mm x 40mm                                                                   flat (solid) 
200mm x 200mm x 12mm                                                                             central hole is 56mm
200mm x 200mm x 30mm                                                                             central hole is 56mm

250mm x 250mm x 40mm                                                                             central hole is 80mm
250mm x 250mm x 60mm                                                                             central hole is 80mm


R32 x 145mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R32 x 160mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R32 x 190mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R38 x 180mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R38 x 220mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R51 x 140mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
R51 x 200mm coupler                                                                                       machined 
T40 x 140mm (L) x 54mm (OD), with O ring                                                     OD is 54mm 
T40 x 140mm (L) x 57mm (OD), with O ring                                                     OD is 57mm
T76 x 220mm (L) x 95mm (OD)                                                                        OD is 95mm 


R32 x 45mm hex.                                                                                               Nut machined 
2 R32 x 65mm hex.                                                                                            Nut machined 
3 R38 x 60mm hex.                                                                                            Nut machined 
4 R51 x 70mm hex.                                                                                            Nut machined 
5 T40 x 50mm spherical nut                                                                               key size is 65mm 
6 T76 x 80mm Hex. Nut                                                                                      key size is 100mm

Hollow Bar


Tests are performed on the hardness of nuts, bits, couplers as well as the gauge, threads, ultimate tensile load, tensile strength, and yield strength.

Please call 1-855-346-7625 or email for more details and pricing. 

Self drilling Rock Anchors.               

Threads type: R25,R32,R38,R51 etc.


R32L, ultimate load >260 KN, yield point > 200 KN                                ID 22mm 
R32N, ultimate load >280 KN, yield point > 230 KN                                ID 21mm 
R32N(18.5mm), ultimate load>280 KN, yield point> 230                        ID 18.5mm
R32S,ultimate load >360 KN, yield point > 280 KN                                 ID 17.5mm
R32SS,ultimate load>410KN, yield point>350 KN                                   ID 15.5 mm 
R38N(ID 21mm), ultimate load > 500 KN, yield point >                           ID 21mm 
R38N(ID 19mm), ultimate load > 500 KN, yield point >400 KN               ID 19mm
R51L,ultimate load > 550 KN, yield point > 450 KN                                ID 38mm 
R51N,ultimate load >800 KN, yield point >630 KN                                  ID  36mm
T40/16, ultimate load > 660KN, yield load > 525 KN                               ID is 16mm 
T40/16, ultimate load > 540KN, yield load > 425 KN                               ID is 20mm 
T76N,ultimate load > 1600KN, yield load > 1200 KN                               ID is 49mm 
T76S, ultimate load > 1900KN, yield load > 1500 KN                              ID is 45mm